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Our Brazilian Secret

Our restaurant houses and promotes daily a real and authentic trip through hundreds of colors and delights of an incredible, tasty and special Brazil.

Today we are motivated to offer healthy alternatives without neglecting our Brazilian identity, and for that reason, we have updated our brand and name by officially introducing Emporio Grill & Green.

We Love Meat

The Best Brazilian and Premium International Cuts

Picanha na Chapa

Picanha na Chapa 16 oz. of Prime Part of Top Sirloin, with sautéed onions and garlic on a cast iron pan. Served with vinaigrette and farofa

Carne de Sol na Chapa

2 oz. of sun dried top sirloin steak with sautéed onions and yucca. Served on a cast iron pan. (Carne de sol servida na chapa)

Churrasco Gaúcho

16 oz. of Grilled mixed slices of steak, chicken, pork and sausage with bell peppers and onions. Served with white rice, black beans and vinaigrette.

Skirt Steak

10 oz. of Grilled Sirloin Steak served with white rice, french fries, black beans and vinaigrette. (Fraldinha na chapa)

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Texas Best
Brazilian Feijoada

Did you know the famous Brazilian Feijoada is one of the most delicious dishes in South America? Watch the video and Learn More.

Healthy and Delicous Bowls at Emporio Grill and Green! Customize your experience!

Starting at $8.99!

green & grill bowls

We are very happy to offer a healthy and a more delicious alternative to our Brazilian cuisine. Come and enjoy our full buffet with the best selection of green and vegetable salads! Always fresh and delicious!

Our Cuisine

For over 20 years we have served Houston as the official Brazilian restaurant and today, the “Green” joins the “Grill” to form the perfect combination for a complete, nutritious, delicious and healthy meal.

Our History

You can experience the most delicious dishes and exotic drinks from the land of soccer with our live music every weekend. If you wanna feel like taking a trip to Brazil don’t hesitate to book a dining table, your private event or even just pop in for a drink and a dance. 

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top brands & companies.

Our International Labels

Special Drinks

We offer one of the best international drinks, mixed with fruits and more than 100 different types of wines, beers and juices. You will love how delightful is enjoy this moment with friends and family.

Live Music

We host one of the best lineup in Houston, with Brazilian and International singers and musicians. Come and join us every weekend with the best dishes and music from Brazil!

Featuring: Cassio Duarte, Lois Albez, Francisco Lobos, Raquel Cepeda, Renato and Karel, Guilherme Serpas and many other great artists!