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Brazilian Appetizers

yucca fried balls

Beef Jerky Yucca Fried Balls
(Bolinho de mandioca com carne seca)


Beef Jerky Surprise

5 oz. of thinly sliced sun dried Top Sirloin Steak cubes, hidden in a yucca puree, served with sautéed onion and garnished with parmesan cheese. (Escondidinho de carne de sol) 


Basket of Cheese Bread 6 ct.

(Cesta de pao de queijo) 6 unidades 


Individual Empanadas

Filling options of beef, cheese, chicken, shrimp or hearts of palm. (Pasteizinhos)


Chicken Croquette 8 Ct.

(Coxinha de frango 8 unidades) 


Large Shrimp With Garlic & Oil, Shell On

(Camarão ao alho e óleo com casca)


Boned Crispy Chicken

(Frango a passarinho)


Picanha Appetizer

(Picanha aperitivo)


Fried Yucca

(Mandioca frita) 


Avocado Toast

Mashed avocado with onions and tomatoes perfectly seasoned and spread over crusty whole wheat bread, garnished with petite rainbow mix. (Toast de Abacate) - Add an Egg for $1


Fried Sausage

(Linguiça frita)


Brazilian Empanadas Platter 5 Ct.

Filling options of beef, chicken, cheese, shrimp or hearts of palm. Platter comes with one of each flavor or chosen to your liking  (Pasteizinhos 5 unidades) 


Soups & Salads

Soup of the Day

Please ask our staff / Por favor, pergunte ao garçon (Sopa do Dia)


Emporio Salad

Served with mixed greens, tomatoes, onions and black olives. (Salada da Casa)

$4.99 (Small) 
$8.99 (Large)

Hearts of Palm Salad

(Salada de Palmito)

$4.99 (Small)
$8.99 (Large)

boost your salad

Avocado (4 oz.) - $1.49
Salmon (8 oz.) - $8.99
Shrimp (5 ct.) - $5.99
Chicken (6 oz.) - $4.99
Beef (4 oz.) - $4.99

Poultry & Meat

Beef or Chichen Parmigiana

Breaded Sirloin Steak OR Grilled Chicken Breast topped with a cream Marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Served with spaghetti or mashed potatoes.

Beef - $17.99
Chicken - $16.99

Brazilian Strogonoff of Your Choice

(Filet Mingnon, Chicken, Shrimp or veggies) Our signature creamy Strogonoff sauce made with your choice of protein. Served with white rice and French fries.

Beef - $19.99  Chicken - $17.99
Veggies - $16.99  Shrimp- $18.99

Tropical Chicken Grilled

Chicken breast, finished with sautéed onions, mushrooms and pineapple. Served with white rice, griled vegetables and black beans. (Frango Tropical) 


Skirt Steak

10oz. of Grilled Sirloin Steak served with white rice, french fries, black beans and vinaigrette. (Fraldinha na chapa)


Grilled Meat Lovers

Picanha na Chapa

16 oz. of Prime Part of Top Sirloin, with sautéed onions and garlic on a cast iron pan. Served with vinaigrette and farofa (Seasoned yucca flour). (Servida na chapa)  


Carne de Sol na Chapa

12 oz. of Sun Dried top Sirloin Steak with sautéed onions and yucca. Served on a cast iron pan. (Carne de sol servida na chapa)


Traditional Picanha

12 oz. of Prime part of the top of Sirloin, grilled to perfection. Served with white rice, french fries, black beans and vinaigrette. 
(Picanha Tradicional)


churrasco gaucho

16 oz. of Grilled mixed slices of steak, chicken, pork, sausage and bell peppers. Served with white rice, black beans and vinaigrette.
(Churrasco misto)


Brazilian Surf & Turf

Tender 8 oz. Tri Tip grilled to perfection accompanied with sautéed shrimp and cooked yucca. Served with white rice and black beans.
(Mar & Terra Brasileiro)



Salmon & Shrimp

8 oz. of Grilled Salmon perfectly married with 5 Large Shrimps accompanied with asparagus and spinach over a bed of
creamy mashed potatoes.
(SaImão e Camarões)


Fish Stew

White fish, Salmon and Shrimp sautéed with olive oil, garlic, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, a touch of coconut milk and palm oil sauce. Served with white rice.
(Peixada a Baiana)


Cod Fish

Sautéed Cod* Fish cooked with olive oil, garlic, onions, sliced potatoes, sliced eggs and black olives, served with white rice. *Cod is a salty dry fish with an accentuated taste
(Bacalhau a Gomes de Sá) - $22.99


shrimp muqueca

Shrimp stew cooked with coconut milk, palm oil, onions, and served with white rice. 
(Muqueca de Camarão 12 oz.) 


Children’s Menu


Mac & Cheese

(Macarrão com queijo) 


Grilled Sirloin Beef

with rice, black beans and french fries
(Bife grelhado)


Grilled Chicken Breast

with rice, black beans and french fries
(Frango grelhado) 


Emporio Classics

Daily Bean Stew (Feijoada)

Black Beans, slow cooked with Bacon, Smoked Pork Sausage, Cured Beef, Pork Loin and Pork Ribs. A La Carte $19.99



  • Brussel Sprouts (Couve de Bruxelas) - $4.99
  • Black Beans (Feijão Preto) - $3.80
  • Seasonal Vegetables (Vegetais da Época) - $4.99
  • Mashed Potatoes (Purê de Batata) - $4.30
  • Hearts of Palm (Porção de Palmito) - $5.99
  • Mashed Yucca (Purê de Mandioca) - $5.99
  • Roasted Sweet Potato (Batata Doce) - $3.90
  • 1/2 Avocado (1/2 Abacate) - $1.79
  • Farofa (Farofa Brasileira) - $1.99
  • French Fries (Batata Frita) - $3.99
  • Fried Yucca (Mandioca Frita) - $5.99
  • Fried Egg (Ovo Frito) - $1.00
  • Rice (Arroz) - $3.50
  • Fried Banana (Banana Frita) - $3.90
  • Collard Greens (Couve) - $4.90


Iced Tea - $2.75
Coke / Diet Coke / Coke Zero - $2.75
Sprite - $2.75
Guaraná/Diet - $2.75
Sumol - $2.75
Grape Juice (White or Red) - (Suco de Uva Natural e Integral) $4.99
Seasonal Natural Fruit Juice (Ask your waiter) - (Suco Natural de Fruta) $5.99
Tropical Juice from Concentraded - (Suco tropical) $2.75
Fresh Regular Lemonade - (Limonada Regular) $4.30
Fresh Frozen Lemonade - $4.50
Fresh Swiss Lemonade (with condensed milk) - (com leite condensado) - $4.99
Sparkling Water - Perrier (Água com gás) $2.90
Spring Water - $1.99



Corona Extra - $4.50
Dos Equis XX - $4.50
Heineken - $4.50
Guinness Extra Stout - $4.50
Stella Artois - $4.50


Corona Extra - $4.50
Dos Equis XX - $4.50
Heineken - $4.50
Guinness Extra Stout - $4.50
Stella Artois - $4.50



Xingu (Dark Beer) - $4.50
Cerpa Prime - $4.50
Sul Americana - (600 ml) $8.90

mixed drinks

Caipirinha - $8.50
Caipiroska - $9.50
Lime / Passion Fruit / Coconut / Cashew
Full Bar

Desserts & Cafés

Papaya Cream

Creme de Papaya


Passion Fruit Mousse

Mousse de Maracujá


Chocolate Mousse

Mousse de Chocolate 


Coffee Mousse

Mousse de Café


Coconut Flan

Pudim de Côco


Milk Flan 

Pudim de Leite


Chocolate Cake

Bolo de Chocolate


Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Syrup

Creme de Papaya





6 Brigadeiros

 (Available on Weekends)


Avocado Cream

Vitamina Cremosa de Abacate



Coffee - $2.75
Expresso - Single $2.90
Double $3.99
Capuccino - $4.50
Coffee Latte - $4.50
Coffee Mocha - $4.50
Bailey’s Irish Coffee - $4.95


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